Koch G5

The five German-speaking professional culinary associations met in April 2015 to create the G5 of chefs Koch G5 : The Federation of German Chefs, the Association of Austrian Chefs, the Swiss Cooking Association, the Association of South Tyrolean Chefs and the Vatel Club Luxembourg .

Together, they reach 35,000 German-speaking professional chefs, the largest professional representation of chefs in Europe. They wanted to extend the European network and promote the next generation.

The aim is to advocate a better hearing of European members in the world association, in particular on educational subjects on which they wish to have more influence in the future in the World Association of Chefs Societies (WACS). The decisive factor for this alliance was that in recent years many decisions in WACS had been taken without European approval.

The Koch G5 is engaged in the cross-border development of culinary training and is participating in an EU-funded project. To this end, surveys were carried out in schools, businesses and associations in participating countries in 2021.

Young Chefs Unplugged


With Young Chefs Unplugged, Koch G5 brings together young European chefs.

Young Chefs Unplugged – this is “the place to be” for passionate young chefs. This meeting is synonymous with networking at European level. It is synonymous with expanding know-how and anticipating trends.

It means being able to take advantage of all the knowledge of the great chefs, give it a try, and promote your own career. It means finding chef friends for life.

Hands-on workshops and exciting lectures are the order of the day – thematically designed specifically for the interests of future great chefs.

Young chefs can choose which workshops and conferences they wish to attend according to their interests. The emphasis is always on how young chefs can put what they have learned into practice.

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