Since 2018, the Vatel-Club has been organizing the Minikäch.

ages 9 to 13
to june
regional and
seasonal dishes

This initiative is aimed to children aged from 9 to 13 who want to discover the professions of the mouth.

The activities take place on Saturdays between mid-September and June, once or twice a month to cook together for a few hours.

The objective is to bring young people closer to the profession of cook, to show them the handles and the different cooking methods or so that they can see how an initial product turns into a final product.

They mainly cook regional and seasonal products.

In addition to this, we also organize visits to producers and suppliers which are important, in order to learn where the food comes from and how the food from the fields, the sea or the farmers arrives in our stores.

We hope, through our commitment, to bring young people closer to a balanced and healthy food culture and perhaps we can give one or the other a taste for our profession.

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